OP Financial Group

Employing top professionals

OP Financial Group’s journey towards becoming a diversified services company as defined in our strategy means a major change process also in terms of personnel. In HR matters, we focus on the renewal and development of our competencies, management and corporate culture.

The industry disruption challenges the organisation’s ability for self-renewal, tightening skill requirements in terms of administration, management and personnel. Cooperation, efficiency, renewal and excellent change management capacity are at the core of management. OP’s culture is based on strong values and the spirit of continuous renewal and reform. Highly skilled and motivated employees are a success factor, enabling OP to meet the challenges of the changing operating environment and digitisation.

Diverse opportunities for competence development

OP offers all employee groups a variety of ways to develop their competencies. The basis for each employee’s individual development is to understand OP’s strategy and how OP’s strategic transformation will affect one’s own work and competence needs.

Competence development involves the use of all applicable learning methods and opportunities as part of the employee’s work, either by providing new challenges and learning opportunities in their present work or by offering versatile career opportunities within the Group. New skills are learned primarily through knowledge sharing and by deepening one’s understanding through various interactive situations and networks. In addition to these, OP invested approximately 7 million euros in local employee training sessions and in video and online study solutions in 2016. The entire OP personnel in Finland and abroad have annual performance and career development reviews.

In order to develop the competencies of the members of the cooperative banks' Boards of Directors and Supervisory Boards, we have created comprehensive competence development packages consisting of online courses and training days. Board work and competence development aims to help the members successfully perform their duties in OP cooperative banks' governance, thereby supporting the renewal of the entire OP Financial Group.

Ensuring work ability with personnel surveys and new employee wellbeing practices

OP Financial Group has two types of organisation-wide personnel surveys: an extensive Personnel Survey and a more fast-paced Personnel Pulse. The Personnel Survey is carried out every two years; the next survey will take place in 2017. The results of the 2015 Personnel Survey were good. According to the survey, OP’s key success factors are community spirit, value-based performance and customer focus.

OP updated its operating models for employee wellbeing management in 2016. The operating models of employee wellbeing, occupational health care and occupational safety practices will increasingly help in safeguarding each employee’s work ability throughout their career.

OP is an attractive employer

In employer image surveys conducted by Universum in 2016, OP was the most attractive financial-sector employer among young professionals with a business education background. All sectors included, OP improved its ranking from 6th to 5th this year. In the corresponding survey among students, OP rose from 6th to 4th place.

We have engaged in diverse cooperation with educational institutions, including various projects, competitions and student visits. OP Financial Group also builds its employer image among various target groups by taking part in diverse events and recruitment fairs. At the Slush event, we announced our trainee programme (OP Kiitorata) designed for students at an advanced stage in their studies leading to a higher university degree.